Ashleigh Vaillancourt is a multimedia artist and filmmaker based out of Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from Emily Carr University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Media Arts in Animation and has shown her pieces in film festivals and galleries internationally.

A large part of Ashleigh’s artistic practice is informed by her rural upbringing on Vancouver Island and centers around themes of childhood trauma, loss of innocence and cultural identity. The escapism offered by film and television in her youth shaped her interest in exploring animation as an extension of drawing and painting as a fine art. Choosing to be gestural and intimate instead of clean and commercial, Ashleigh’s pieces underscore the physical nature of the materials she uses. The result of the transcription of the tactile into a digital realm, as well as the addition of time in moving art, are threads of interest she traverses in each piece she creates.


contact: ash.vaillancourt@gmail.com